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Displaying Record for Publication: Nuovi Annali d'Igiene e Microbiologia

Entry TypeChanged Title Serial
TitleNuovi Annali d'Igiene e Microbiologia
Abbreviated TitleNuovi Ann. Ig. Microbiol.
Translated TitleNew Annals of Hygiene and Microbiology
Former Title Note(s)Absorbed
Former Title(s)Annali d'Igiene (1916-1951)
Language of TextItalian
Summaries InEnglish, Italian
Historyv1 1950-v39 n6 1988
Publisher NameSocieta Editrice Universo
Successor Title NoteSuperseded by
Successor Title(s)Annali di Igiene (1989)
Alternate Title(s) Annali d'Igiene e Microbiologia
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Ann. Ig. Microbiol.