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Displaying Record for Publication: Poroshkovaya Metallurgiya (Minsk, Belarus)

Entry TypeActive Serial
TitlePoroshkovaya Metallurgiya (Minsk, Belarus)
Abbreviated TitlePoroshk. Metall. (Minsk, Belarus)
Translated TitlePowder Metallurgy
Language of TextRussian
Summaries InEnglish, Russian
Historyn1 1977+
Publication NotesFrom 1996 n19 to 1997 n20 pub. as n4 of Materialy, Tekhnologii, Instrumenty
Publisher NameNII Poroshkovoi Metallurgii
Alternate Title(s) Powder Metallurgy (Gomel, Belarus)
Poroshkovaya Metallurgiya (Gomel, Belarus)
Powder Metallurgy (Minsk, Belarus)
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Powder Metall. (Gomel, Belarus)
Poroshk. Metall. (Gomel, Belarus)
Powder Metall. (Minsk, Belarus)