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Displaying Record for Publication: German Offenlegungschrift [Patent Document]

Entry TypeActive Serial
TitleGerman Offenlegungschrift [Patent Document]
Abbreviated TitleGer. Offen.
Title NotesTitle on document: Offenlegungsschrift
Language of TextGerman
Publication NotesICIREPAT patent designation: Country Code = DE; Kind Code = A1
Publisher NameDeutsches Patentamt, Dienststelle Berlin
Alternate Title(s) Offenlegungsschrift (Federal Republic of Germany)
Federal Republic of Germany, Patent Document: Offenlegungsschrift
Germany (West), Patent Document, Offenlegungschrift
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Offenlegungsschrift (Fed. Repub. Ger.)
Fed. Repub. Ger., Pat. Doc.: Offenlegungsschr.
Ger. (West), Pat. Doc., Offen.