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Displaying Record for Publication: Scientific Bulletin - Technical University of Lodz, Physics

Entry TypeActive Serial
TitleScientific Bulletin - Technical University of Lodz, Physics
Abbreviated TitleSci. Bull. - Tech. Univ. Lodz, Phys.
Former Title Note(s)Formerly
Former Title(s)Zeszyty Naukowe - Politechnika Lodzka, Fizyka
Language of TextEnglish
Summaries InEnglish, Polish
Historyv15 1995+
Publication NotesAlso numbered in main series
Publisher NameWydawnictwo Politechniki Lodzkiej
Alternate Title(s) Technical University of Lodz, Scientific Bulletin, Physics
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Tech. Univ. Lodz, Sci. Bull., Phys.