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Entry TypeActive Serial
TitleMagyar Allami Foldtani Intezet Evkonyve
Abbreviated TitleMagy. All. Foldt. Intez. Evk.
Translated TitleAnnals of the Hungarian State Geological Institute
Title NotesTitle varies: Magyar Kiralyi Foldtani Intezet Evkonyve, 1871-1943
Language of TextHungarian
Summaries InEnglish, Russian
Historyv1 1871+
Alternate Title(s) Annals of the Hungarian Geological Institute
Annales de l'Institut Geologique de Hongrie
Annales Instituti Geologici Publici Hungarici
Ezhegodnik Vengerskogo Geologicheskogo Instituta
Jahrbuch der Ungarischen Geologischen Anstalt
Mitteilungen des Jahrbuches der Koeniglichen Ungarischen Geologischen Anstalt
Magyar Kiralyi Foldtani Intezet Evkonyve
Annales Instituti R. Hungarici Geologici
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Ann. Hung. Geol. Inst.
Ann. Inst. Geol. Hong.
Ann. Inst. Geol. Publici Hung.
Ezheg. Veng. Geol. Inst.
Jahrb. Ung. Geol. Anst.
Mitt. Jahrb. K. Ung. Geol. Anst.
Magy. K. Foldt. Intez. Evk.
Ann. Inst. R. Hung. Geol.