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Displaying Record for Publication: Aarbog - Danmarks Geologiske Undersoegelse

Entry TypeActive Serial
TitleAarbog - Danmarks Geologiske Undersoegelse
Abbreviated TitleAarbog - Dan. Geol. Unders.
Translated TitleYearbook - Geological Survey of Denmark
Language of TextDanish, English
Summaries InDanish
Alternate Title(s) Yearbook - Geological Survey of Denmark
Geological Survey of Denmark, Yearbook
Danmarks Geologiske Undersoegelse, Arbog
Arbog - Danmarks Geologiske Undersoegelse
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Yearb. - Geol. Surv. Den.
Geol. Surv. Den., Yearb.
Dan. Geol. Unders., Arbog
Arbog - Dan. Geol. Unders.