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Entry TypeChanged Title Serial
TitleMolochnaya Promyshlennost
Abbreviated TitleMolochn. Prom-st.
Translated TitleDairy Industry
Former Title(s)Molochno-Maslodel'naya Promyshlennost
Language of TextRussian
Summaries InRussian
Historyv1 n1 Oct. 1934-v3 n12 1936; v7 n1 1940-v7 n12 1940; v9 n1 1948-Dec. 1987 (n12)
Publication NotesTemporarily replaced 1941-47 (considered as v8) by Myas. Moloch. Prom. SSSR, which see
Successor Title NoteMerged with
Merged Title(s)Myasnaya Industriya SSSR
Successor Title(s)Molochnaya i Myasnaya Promyshlennost
Alternate Title(s) Milchindustrie (Moscow)
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Milchindustrie (Moscow)