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Entry TypeChanged Title Serial
TitleJournal fuer Praktische Chemie (Leipzig)
Abbreviated TitleJ. Prakt. Chem. (Leipzig)
Former Title Note(s)Formed by merger of
Formed by merger of
Former Title(s)Journal fuer Technische und Oekonomische Chemie
Journal fuer Chemie und Physik
Journal fuer Makromolekulare Chemie
Language of TextEnglish, German
Summaries InEnglish
Historyv1 1834-v108 1869; ns v1 1870-ns v162 n8/12 May 23, 1943; v1 n1/2 1954-v333 n6 1991
Publication Notesns v1-v162 also numbered as v109-v270; v273-v310 also numbered as s4 v1-v38
Publisher NameJ. A. Barth Verlag
Successor Title NoteMerged with
Merged Title(s)Chemiker-Zeitung
Successor Title(s)Journal fuer Praktische Chemie/Chemiker-Zeitung