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Entry TypeActive Serial
TitleBulletin - Kentucky Geological Survey
Abbreviated TitleBull. - Ky. Geol. Surv.
Former Title(s)Bulletin - Kentucky, Department of Mines and Minerals, Geological Division
Language of TextEnglish
Summaries InEnglish
Historys3 n1 1905-s3 n22 1912; s9 n1 1949+
Publication NotesNumbered in series corresponding to terms of office of State Geologists. Name of issuing body varies: Dep. of Geology and Forestry, s5 1919-1920; Bureau of Mineral and Topographic Survey, s7 1933-1934; Dep. of Mines and Minerals, Geological Division, s8 1934-1947. No Bulletins pub. in s4 or s6
Alternate Title(s) Kentucky Geological Survey, Bulletin
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Ky. Geol. Surv., Bull.