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Entry TypeChanged Title Serial
TitleEkho Nauki
Abbreviated TitleEkho Nauki
Translated TitleEcho of Science
Former Title Note(s)Supersedes
Former Title(s)Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Respubliki Kyrgyzstan, Fiziko-Tekhnicheskie, Matematicheskie i Gorno-Geologicheskie Nauki
Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Respubliki Kyrgyzstan, Khimiko-Tekhnologicheskie i Biologicheskie Nauki
Language of TextRussian
History1995-1997 (n4)
Publisher NameIzdatel'stvo Ilim
Successor Title NoteChanged to
Successor Title(s)Izvestiya Natsional'noi Akademii Nauk Kyrgyzskoi Respubliki
Alternate Title(s) Izvestiya Natsional'noi Akademii Nauk Kyrgyzskoi Respubliki, Ekho Nauki
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Izv. Nats. Akad. Nauk Kyrg. Resp., Ekho Nauki