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Displaying Record for Publication: Wayo Joshi Daigaku Kiyo

Entry TypeActive Serial
TitleWayo Joshi Daigaku Kiyo
Abbreviated TitleWayo Joshi Daigaku Kiyo
Translated TitleBulletin of Wayo Women's University
Former Title Note(s)Formerly
Former Title(s)Wayo Joshi Daigaku Kiyo, Kaseikei-hen
Language of TextJapanese
Summaries InEnglish
Historyn50 Mar. 2010+
Publication NotesOccas pap in English
Publisher NameWayo Joshi Daigaku
Alternate Title(s) Journal of Wayo Women's University (2010-)
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) J. Wayo Women's Univ. (2010-)