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Displaying Record for Publication: Trudy Tadzhikskoi Astronomicheskoi Observatorii

Entry TypeChanged Title Serial
TitleTrudy Tadzhikskoi Astronomicheskoi Observatorii
Abbreviated TitleTr. Tadzh. Astron. Obs.
Translated TitleTransactions of the Tadzhik Astronomical Observatory
Language of TextRussian
Historyn1 1935-n2 1941
Successor Title NoteChanged to
Successor Title(s)Trudy Stalinabadskoi Astronomicheskoi Observatorii
Alternate Title(s) Annals of the Tadzhik Astronomical Observatory (Dushanbe, USSR)
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Ann. Tadzh. Astron. Obs. (Dushanbe, USSR)