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Displaying Record for Publication: Istanbul Universitesi Fen Fakultesi Mecmuasi, Seri C: [Astronomi-Fizik-Kimya]

Entry TypeChanged Title Serial
TitleIstanbul Universitesi Fen Fakultesi Mecmuasi, Seri C: [Astronomi-Fizik-Kimya]
Abbreviated TitleIstanbul Univ. Fen Fak. Mecm., Seri C
Translated TitleJournal of the Faculty of Science of the University of Istanbul, Serie C: Astronomy-Physics-Chemistry
Former Title Note(s)Continues in part
Former Title(s)Istanbul Universitesi Fen Fakultesi Mecmuasi, Seri A: Matematik-Fizik-Kimya
Language of TextEnglish, French, German
Summaries InEnglish, French, German, Turkish
Historyv19 n1 Jan. 1954-v37/38 1972/1973 (Pub. 1976)
Successor Title NoteChanged to
Successor Title(s)Review of Faculty of Science, University of Istanbul, Serie C
Alternate Title(s) Revue de la Faculte des Sciences de l'Universite d'Istanbul, Serie C: Astronomie-Physique-Chimie
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Rev. Fac. Sci. Univ. Istanbul, Ser. C