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Entry TypeActive Serial
TitleMining Science and Technology (Russia)
Abbreviated TitleMin. Sci. Technol. (Russ.)
Former Title Note(s)Formerly
Former Title(s)Gornye Nauki i Tekhnologii (2016-2017)
Language of TextRussian, English
Summaries InRussian, English
History2018 (n1)-2018 (n4); v4 n1 2019+
Publication NotesAdopted vol. numbering with v4 n1 2019; Avail. from Internet at URL:
Publisher NameNational University of Science and Technology MISiS
Alternate Title(s) Gornye Nauki i Tekhnologii (2018-)
Mining Science and Technology (Moscow, Russian Federation)
Abbreviated Alternate Title(s) Gorn. Nauki Tekhnol. (2018-)
Min. Sci. Technol. (Moscow, Russ. Fed.)